Donate via PayPal by clicking the link above or send a check to The Clothing Connection, 28 Arbella St., Salem, MA 01970. Thank you!

All gifts are tax deductible.

We were founded with a mission of providing brand-new clothes to kids, to best meet sensory needs, style preferences, and to provide items we hope might be passed on to other family members. Plus, everyone loves getting new clothes, especially clothes chosen for them.


We do not accept donations of used clothes, but we do accept donations of the following new items: sweatshirts, fleeces, underwear (boxer briefs for boys, briefs for girls), socks, winter boots, winter coats, ski gloves, hats, short-sleeved tees, shorts with elastic waistbands, and bathing suits. Email and we'll come pick them up. Tax receipts available.


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