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August 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

This fall, at the beginning of our seventh school year in operation and fifth as a nonprofit, we provided clothing to more than 200 schoolchildren in Salem, from the Early Childhood Center all the way up through Salem High School.

We received several small gifts and grants from local organizations, held our annual Thankful for Warm Clothing drive, held a book fundraiser with author Tammy Inman (New England Desserts), hosted by The Salem Athenaeum, and held a fundraiser at American Flatbread. 

The growing need in the schools has kept us busy. We are operating using closet models at Collins Middle School and Salem High School, offering a mix of used and new clothing. We will move to this model at all of our schools by the end of the school year, which will allow us to better serve caregivers and school staff. Our Outreach Chair, Beth Forrestal, kicked off a volunteer program, encouraging more volunteers to step into roles such as delivering and sorting donations. We hope to have our Caregiver council finalized with members and leadership by the end of the spring 2023. 

We continue to be grateful for our supporters, especially those who come back again and again, always waiting for our next ask. Thank you as well to our Ambassadors, who help us get the word out, encourage giving, and volunteer their time and social media platforms, and to our volunteers who stepped in to deliver and sort clothing. And we are grateful for the SPS staff who not only serve as our liaisons with caregivers, but also brainstorm how we can do what we do better. 

Thank you: Jade Bachmann (Nurse, Horace Mann), Aly Brennan (City Connects, Witchcraft), Jodi Connolly (Homeless Education Coordinator), Anny Cruz (Family Engagement, Bentley), Jenni Espinal (Family Engagement, Saltonstall), Angie Giancola (On-Track, Salem High), Erika Griffin (City Connects, ECC), Arabelis Luciana (Family Engagement, Witchcraft), Marlene Lunt (City Connects, Witchcraft), Brad Maloon (City Connects, Collins), Heather Mercier (Guidance, Collins), Genevieve Nutt (City Connects, Horace Mann), Maria Arias Reyes (Family Engagement, Horace Mann), Joy Richmond-Smith (City Connects, Saltonstall), Sari Rudolph (City Connects, Bates), Christina Sakelakos (City Connects, Collins), Liz Yoder (City Connects, Carlton).

We continue to be grateful to the First Congregational Society of Salem (First Church) for their donating of space for our storehouse as well as the clothing drive they held for us during the holiday season and the monetary donations they collected. 

The following organizations and companies have helped us navigate the increase in need we have seen over the last few years.  The Salem Children’s Charity, BPM Productions/Salem Witch Museum, JM Electrical, Whole Foods/Benevity/American Online Giving Foundation, The Salem Athenaeum, and Trillium Asset Management.

Big-Picture Goals for 2022-2023: Better engage and manage volunteers so our board members are able work strategically and think ahead, rather than constantly scrambling. Gather more caregiver input. Think in terms of inclusive philanthropy. Raise more money. Add Salem Academy Charter School, New Liberty, and Salem Prep. Continue to apply for grants but with all board members looking for and applying for grants.  

Stay tuned for our FY22-23 Financial Report in Summer of ‘23.

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