Thankful for Warm Clothing Drive

We have launched our 2nd annual "Thankful for Warm Clothing" drive to provide the students we serve with a full outdoor winter outfit plus pajamas.  An outdoor outfit consists of a winter coat, hat/gloves and boots.  Some families make the additional request for snow pants, particularly for younger children. 

How can you participate?  You can adopt a students full winter gear needs or you can choose to purchase a specific item like a hat and glove set, pair of boots, etc. You can also donate monetarily by clicking on the donate tab on our main page.  Email Beth at to be assigned a student.  

We are asking for a relatively quick turn around of 10 days from your assignment to pick up or delivery.  Details are in our guidelines below. 

We ask all of our donors to tell us something that they are thankful for.  We share these "thankfuls" on our Facebook page. All donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with a receipt. 



DUE DATE: 10 days from assignment.


ID: Each child has an identifier. Some schools use names, some numbers and letters. When you hand in your item, simply affix the ID to the item, or place in a bag and write the ID on the item. If you are purchasing online, include this information somewhere on your shipping information.

FAVORITES: While we gather each child’s favorite colors and themes, we don’t expect to be able to provide items in those colors/on those themes for each item. We include them on the chance you happen to come across clothing items in those colors/on those themes, so the kids feel like they are receiving something particular to them. No problem at all if not.

STORES: Some donors like suggestions. We have found that most of the big-box stores, including Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kohl’s, Costco, and BJ’s, carry good-quality items at affordable prices. We also have a lot of luck with Children’s Place and Land’s End during their frequent sales. Sometimes it requires a little more looking, but we’ve found good prices on solid items at Amazon as well. (You can help us further by going to and choosing Clothing Connection!)

MAIL ORDER: Please stay safe, and don’t go into stores if you are high risk or your community is experiencing a surge. You can order items online and have them sent to Susanna Baird, 10 Carpenter Street, Salem, MA 01970. If you go this route, please send an email to let us know what is coming, from what retailer, and which kid it’s for. Please put “Thankful for Warm Clothing” in the subject line. 

SIZING: A brand’s sizing may run differently from what we give you. For example, the coats where you shop might be 8/10 or 12/14 and we’ve assigned you 10/12. Always go up, so in the example, you’d go with the 12/14.

HUSKY/PLUS: Walmart, JC Penney and Land’s End all carry husky/plus-sized coats and pajamas. Target carries husky/plus clothing, though we couldn’t find coats or pajamas in husky. We are happy to help you locate these items online if you can’t find them.

PICKUP: Our volunteers are happy to pick up items at your house, or you can drop them. Please email Susanna and we can arrange for pickup, or let you know where to drop.

TAX RECEIPT & THANKFUL: Please let us know where we can mail your thank you and tax receipt. Also, during the month of November we run “Thankfuls” from our donors. What are you thankful for? Let us know by emailing our outreach chair with the subject line “Thankful” so we can share with our followers. 




WINTER COAT: Heavy winter coat with hood

HAT & GLOVES: Winter hat and sturdy waterproof gloves, which you can find at most stores (Target, Walmart, etc), sometimes called ski gloves

SNOW BOOTS: Sturdy, warm, waterproof snow boots for playing in the snow, walking slushy sidewalks, etc. 

PAJAMAS: Two piece

EXTRAS: Some donors want to throw in a few extras. We suggest snow pants, especially for our younger kids, another hat/glove set, some stretchy gloves for slightly warmer weather, an extra pair of PJs, some fun socks, or a comfortable outfit - long-sleeved tee in colors/themes your child likes and sweats or flannel pants. 

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