Meet the Board

Heather Amodeo is a graduate of Salem University and has lived in Salem since 2002. She is the mother of three children. Her two oldest attend Bates Elementary School. She sits as a board member for the Clothing Connection, where she is on the Purchasing Committee for the Bates School. Heather loves the Salem community and is passionate about her volunteer work. She volunteers for the backpack program, as well as serving on the residence committee for the Woman’s Friend Society.


Susanna Baird is co-president and a founder of the Clothing Connection. Her children attended Carlton Elementary School and now attend Collins Middle School and the Salem Academy Charter School. She also volunteers for the Salem Literary Festival and works as a writer/editor. 


Tracy Czahor serves as the Clothing Connection's purchasing chair, working with school staff to identify children, their sizes and preferences, and working with Clothing Connection volunteers to get all needed items purchased and back to children. Tracy also volunteers for the Backpack Program and for the Saltonschool School PTO. She has three children, two at Saltonstall School and one at the Salem Academy Charter School.


Vickie Dawson is secretary for the Clothing Connection. She has lived in Salem since 1995. All three of her children are attending or have gone through the Salem School System. Two are still in the school system, one at Collins and one at the High School. Vickie subbed in the elementary schools for a couple of years. Currently she is very active in several community organizations.  She is involved at her church, Tabernacle in Salem, as a Sunday school teacher and co-moderator. She is on the Out Reach Committee and heads up the needlepoint committee at Woman’s Friend Society. Vickie also works with a group of volunteers for the Salem Backpack Program.  


Jennifer Doucette-Ly is a special education administrator that works and lives in Salem. Her children currently attend Salem High School and previously attended Saltonstall Elementary. She is an instructor for the Salem High School Marching Band and the Winter Guard. She also manages several school-based pantries in the district and serves on the board of the Clothing Connection.


Lisa Duffy is the school nurse at Saltonstall School and serves as the Clothing Connection’s in-school contact for Saltonstall.


Beth Forrestal is a co-founder of the Clothing Connection and currently serves as its fundraising chair. She has children at Salem Academy Charter School and at Carlton Innovation School, where she helps run the Drama Club, edits the school's weekly newsletter, helps run the library, and runs the school's Facebook page. Beth also works at the Salem YMCA in guest relations. 


Arielle Gronner has lived in Salem since 2007, and has served as treasurer of the Clothing Connection since the start of the organization's 2018-19 fiscal year. Her daughter attended Carlton Elementary School and currently attends Collins Middle School. She works for an arts management agency based in Marblehead.


Bethann Jellison is the principal at Carlton Innovation School and helped co-found the Clothing Connection. She has lived in Salem almost her entire life. She went to Carlton Elementary School and then to Witchcraft Heights Elementary School. She went to Middle School West (now Collins Middle School) and graduated from Salem High School. She has three children; two have graduated from Salem High School and one is a junior.


Kendra LeFleur is a Clothing Connection board member, serving on the fundraising committee. She works as a Senior Content Project Manager for Macmillan Learning, and lives in Salem with her husband and their three children, all former Carlton students who now attend Salem High School, Salem Academy Charter School, and Collins Middle School.


Colette Loux co-founded the Clothing Connection and currently serves as grants chair. A Salem native and Salem State graduate, Colette has two children, one at Carlton Innovation School and one at Collins Middle School.


Stephanie Makary is co-president of the Clothing Connection and a works as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She lives in Salem with her wife and child, who attends Carlton Innovation School. In additional to volunteering her time with the Clothing Connection, Stephanie also helps run the Carlton Innovation School library.

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